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Grand Cru

Grand Cru Studio is situated on a 100 year old, 110 foot Dutch Barge, moored near Tower Bridge in Central London.


The Who's Pete Townshend had the barge converted into a studio in the late 70’s. Until now, it has mainly been used exclusively by a select few, and spent 33 years moored outside Pete’s main studios near Twickenham. In 2009 the barge sailed to it’s new home St Katherine Docks, a beautiful marina with shops, cafe’s, restaurants, pubs, bars and plenty of history.


Following a five year re-fit and a new coat of bright blue paint, she is now back in business as a fully-fledged recording studio with Myles Clarke firmly at the helm as producer and engineer.


Fully equipped to cope with a number of wildly complex and demanding projects, Grand Cru is a high quality, great sounding writing, recording and mixing studio.


Recent clients include:

Jonas Blue ft Dakota, Woman's Hour, Albert Man, False Heads, Rachel Fuller, Pete Townsend, Virgin Records, Eagle Rock.

Equipment includes:


SSL AWS948 console. Focal SM9 monitors. ProTools, RadarV, Studer A827, Ampex ATR recorders. Selection of classic Instruments, Amps and Microphones.

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